9 Steps To Create Local WordPress Site Using XAMPP Offline For PC

9 Steps To Create Local WordPress Site Using XAMPP Offline For PC

Installing Xammp & Using localhost

The essence of installing WordPress with Xampp is to build a testing environment for WordPress themes and plugins without worrying that things will go wrong.

These are the following steps to take to install WordPress

  1. Download Xampp

Xampp is a free and open source cross-platform web server package providing access to server from the computer locally without internet connection. Install Xampp by clicking on the .exe download file and allowing it to run, follow all normal installation procedure.

  1. Install WordPress

Download WordPress from wordpress.org, it is a zip file.

  1. Start & Test Xampp

To start your Xammp server, open the app and ensure you start Apache & MySQL. Click on the start button to start running both Apache server and MySQL database. Test it by checking it with your browser. To do that, type or localhost in your browser's address bar, it should load up a page with Index of/ Name, Last Modified, Size and Description.

  1. htdocs

Locate htdocs folder in your Windows Xampp files and create a folder with anyname. Let use "Test" for example here.

  1. Extraction

Extract your WordPress zip file into the Test folder. Note that the WordPress files extreacted should be in the Test folder directly and not in WordPress folder.

  1. WordPress Database

Go to your browser and type "" into the address bar, follow the right channel to create your WordPress database, the page should load to set-up. Set your Username, leave password blank and set database host as localhost. Create the database by opening phpmyadmin from the page.

  1. Database setup

Set database name & click on create. Complete setup from the page. Create a log in system by creating a local account.

  1. Complete WordPress Installation

Install WordPress with all its component. You are now ready to log in to your site.

  1. Customize your site

You can now customize your site by changing the appearance theme and arrangement.

Thanks for reading!